FAQs about Taste Products

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long will the products last?

Oils should last at least a year from date of purchase, longer if unopened.

Vinegars, if not mixed with oil or blended dressings, have an indefinite shelf life.  Once mixed, they should be refrigerated and used within 7 days.

Flavoured Ketchups, Sesame Ginger Dressing and Sauerkraut & Horseradish Mustard will last up to 2 years unopened.  They should be refrigerated once opened and would last a year in the refrigerator.

  1. Should products be refrigerated

Oils do not need to be refrigerated.  Due to the low levels of saturated fat in Grapeseed oil, it can, however, be refrigerated if wanted and will not congeal.

Vinegars are recommended to be refrigerated to prevent the natural production of “mother”, which is the bacteria culture that makes vinegar.  “Mother” is natural and healthy to ingest but will make your vinegar cloudy.

Flavoured Ketchups, Sesame Ginger Dressing and Sauerkraut & Horseradish Mustard should be refrigerated once opened.

  1. Why is our vinegar so expensive compared to cost of the jugs at the grocery store?

The most popular vinegar and most readily available is white distilled vinegar, which is made by mixing water and acetic acid.  It is harsh tasting and has no redeeming culinary value.  All of our vinegars are real vinegar that was started as either wine or hard cider.

  1. Can flavoured oils be topped up?

Yes!  Keep refilling the bottle as it’s being used, and don’t let it get below half.  It can be refilled up to 4 times with Canola or Grapeseed Oil.  Eventually the flavours will fade and it’s time to retire the bottle and come see us!