Our Story

     Taste, The Flavour Emporium has evolved from a shared passion for good food, good times and supporting our local communities.  
     When the late Gerry Mischuk and his wife Lydia Taylor started their boutique oil & vinegar business venture, some 20+ years ago, at the Fergus Market they had no idea that it would grow into becoming one of Canada's Largest Retailers of Canadian-made hot sauces &  gourmet condiments.
     In 2023 Gerry passed away and Taste the 4th Sense officially became Taste, The Flavour Emporium,  Partners Lea Riddle-Pitre and Carlie Summers had been working with Gerry for the last 2 years to bring our combined vision to life. 
     We are happy to continue on with our passion and Gerry's legacy.  The oils and vinegars he was so proud of will continue on under the brand name Taste the 4th Sense, and we will continue to hand make each bottle with the love and intention that Gerry and Lydia intended.

All-Canadian Passion

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple:  Food is Love so make it taste as good as you can. 

We are a small Canadian business that fully support other Canadian businesses.  We sell ONLY Canadian Products..

We are in the business of making food better, and to prove it everything we sell is available to sample (in store) before buying.  

We have Ontario's LARGEST Selection of 100% Canadian product, including the LARGEST hot sauce selection in SW Ontario!


We use the finest ingredients. From our high-quality grapeseed oil to our selection of herbs, peppers and flavourings, we cut no corners. Purity and quality are the cornerstones of our success.

We use no preservatives or artificial flavours. Dried herbs give our oils an extremely long shelf life, and the acetic acid in our vinegars acts as a natural preservative.

Our products are versatile. Have you ever bought a specialty oil, only to discover it many months later, barely used at the back of your pantry? Our products are so versatile, you'll never run out of ways to use them: dressings, glazes, marinades, dipping sauces…

We hand-craft our products in small batches. Every bottle is filled by hand and our products are shipped directly from our store in St. Jacobs to your home. Freshness is guaranteed.

Give us a try and see for yourself what a difference Taste can make!