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Hurt Berry Farms Evol

The title of this hot sauce is a cute little anagram and we are pretty sure you will love it! The heat from a rich blend of super hot peppers is perfectly balanced against a bold blend of sweet and aromatic flavours. As always the ingredients are chosen with care to create a progressive flavour profile that lingers. This is hot sauce re-imagined.

Ingredients: (*Organic), Water, white vinegar, apricots, Red Savina Habaneros, Carolina Reaper peppers, pomegranate juice, sugars (*organic cane sugar), Ghost peppers, 7 Pot Brain Strain chilies, Chocolate Bhutlah chilies, Trinidad Scorpion chilies, lemon juice, Shiraz red wine, Cayenne pepper, kosher salt, hibiscus flowers, star anise, butterfly pea flowers, xanthan gum, vanilla bean.
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