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Nerpy's Spicy Curry Seasoning

Nerpy’s Spicy Curry seasoning, takes you back to the original history of the curry spice brought to the West Indies by Indian workers. The Jamaican curry powder slightly distinguishes itself from East Indian styles with the addition of allspice to enhance the flavor. The rich and spicy Jamaican curry cuisine includes a mixture of flavors, spices and influences from the indigenous people on the island of Jamaica, and the African, Indian and Chinese who have inhabited the island. It is also influenced by the crops introduced into the island from tropical Southeast Asia., Jamaican cuisine includes various dishes from the different cultures brought to the island with the arrival of people around the world.

Ingredients: Vinegar, scallions, onion, scotch bonnet peppers, sea salt, coconut oil, curry powder, lemon juice, soy sauce, approved spces & cane sugar
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