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Sorry Sauce Curry Curry Hard

Curry Curry Hard is a brand new Sorry Sauce released in July 2021, and it won the 2021 Canadian Hot Sauce Award for Best New Sauce so we figure it's pretty good! We start with a dal base of yellow split peas and our own Amish paste tomatoes and we add a tadka of red onions fried with our neighbour's garlic, ginger and aromatic spices to create our interpretation of dal tadka, the Indian comfort food. But we're Sorry Sauce, so we added a bunch of fermented habanero peppers to some discomfort to the comfort food. Fermenting the habaneros adds a tangy complexity that blends together perfectly with the slight nuttiness of the split peas, the savoury explosion of tadka and sweet acidity of the tomatoes and rice vinegar into a curry hot sauce that is surprisingly versatile. Curry Curry Hard really works on anything.

Ingredients: Amish paste tomatoes, rice vinegar, red lentiles, hot peppers (fermented habanero), curry powder, garlic, ginger, lemon, sea salt, red onion, olive oil, tumeric, cumin, contains mustard
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