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Sorry Sauce Soy Un Perdedor

This creation is inspired by our friend Farmer J who originated the 7 Pot Soy recipe and shared it with the pepper community when he retired as a crafter. We created our interpretation during a cookoff challenge with our friends at Haico's Hot Sauce and Purple Tongue, and each sauce crafter has committed to donating proceeds to charity. We're doing $2 per bottle. Puerto Rican Yellow habanero peppers bring a mild but present heat so you can use Soy Un Perdedor where you'd use normal soy sauce. I named the sauce using a '90s indie rock pun, but I'm not actually calling Farmer J a loser. Or myself a loser. Y'know, it's just that, "back in the day" something something something. *shakes fist at cloud*.

Ingredients: Soy Un Perdedor is Kikkoman brewed soy sauce infused with ginger, fresh pineapple, mandarin orange, Asian pear, bamboo shoots and a vegan dashi of kombu and parsnip. Puerto Rican Yellow habanero peppers
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