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Sorry Sauce Squall

The mild, nutty radish flavour of the kohlrabi pairs with pears. Bartlett, in fact. And ginger for a fresh and subtle platform that allows the peppers to shine. You'll find notes of sweet melon from the Aji White Fantasy and Sugar Rush Cream peppers, and sweet jellybean bite from the White Biquinho and Yucatan White Habanero peppers. As a bonus, we had a few Aji Mango and Peach Ghost plants ripen to white pods so we threw them in for extra snap for a sauce that's uniquely tart, fruity and peppery. The blend of peppers gives an all around burn and medium heat that comes on like a snow squall - fast, and immediate but over quickly without too much of an afterburn. And with no added sugar or salt, this probably qualifies as health food!

Ingredients: chili peppers (aji white fantasy, sugar rush cream, white biquinho, white ghost, white aji mango, yucatan white habanero), bartlett pears, kohlrabi, apple cider vinegar, ginger
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