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The Capsaicin Cartel Sangat Pedas

First Place winner in the extreme category 2022 YOW Awards at Heating Up The Capital Hot Sauce Expo.

Welcome to the XTREME. Sangat Pedas means very hot in Indonesian and we mean it. Our freshest newbie is a peanut sauce that will fulfill a gap in our growing line-up of sauces. It is made with the hottest peppers we could get our hands on; Carolina Reapers, Yellow Morugas, White Morugas, Ghost, 7 Pot Bhutlah, Yellow Scorpions and Habaneros (just for fun). It is a peanut based sauce enhanced with Anti-Virus19 and Serum 22. We have been sharing the recipe with customers for a while now and decided to make it ourselves, add a bunch of gnarly peppers and bottle it; Sangat Pedas is the hottest sauce we make without using any extract or tinctures.


Ingredients: carolina reapers, yellow moruga scorpion, white moruga scorpion, ghost, 7 pot bhutlah, trinidad moruga scorpion, habaneros, shallots, peanut butter, garlic, kecap manis, soy sauce, spices, ginger, tomato paste, chili pepper, curry sauce, sugars

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