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Wellesley Apple Butter

A Unique Taste Experience Over 75 years ago, we began making this preserve from an old Pennsylvania Dutch recipe. Using Quality, Ontario grown fresh apples and our own unique method, we were able to produce an Apple Butter of excellent Quality. And today, things are still the same. Our continued emphasis on Quality means we still finish each individual batch to perfection. The result? A consistently high Quality product. Naturally it is called Wellesley Brand Apple Butter. A semi-sweet spread, made from a time-tested recipe using only the finest ingredients which result in an All Natural Product. No sugar or any other sweetener added. No preservatives, or artificial colourings. The sweetness and wholesome flavour are simply the result of the method we use and the Quality of our ingredients

Ingredients: Pure apple juice, pure apple sauce, bicabonate of soda, cinnamon, no added sugar, no preservatives
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